Student Emergency Fund

April Thompson graduated from Greensboro College

April Thompson

Help A Student Change Her Entire Life

When April came to GTCC as a struggling young mother, caring faculty and staff helped her find resources to get her GED and then graduate from GTCC. April later graduated from Greensboro College. She now tutors students and volunteers with the GTCC single-parent support group that helped her years ago.

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Who are GTCC Students?

  • 55%  are first-generation college students;  half of  these students are over age 25
  • 40% have dependent children
  • 71% of single-parent households meet federal  poverty guidelines

 Why Do Students Leave GTCC Early?

When asked why, 80% of students leaving GTCC report they do because of  non-academic challenges such as finances, transportation, housing, childcare, and medical issues. When confronted with bills that they cannot cover, even the most devoted and talented students may have to leave school to focus on work.

 How Can You Help?

The GTCC Foundation Student Emergency Fund helps students like April receive the support they need to stay in school.