The GTCC Foundation is proud to provide annual program support for student ambassadors. The GTCC Student Ambassador Program gives GTCC students the opportunity to serve as representatives at institutional functions as well as recruitment, student, civic and cultural activities. It also serves as a leadership program for student ambassadors to develop personal, organizational and institutional leadership skills. We invite you to read more about this year’s outstanding student ambassadors below.

Daniel B. Dawson

“GTCC has left an incredible impression on my life both professionally and personally.”

Matthew Medlin

“GTCC has given me the opportunity to not just have a job but start a lifelong career.”

Binh Van

"GTCC has opened my eyes to the world of opportunities and given me confidence."

Kristina Wallace

“The Middle College program, the friendliness of the students and the staff, and the beautiful campus attracted me to GTCC.”

Stephanie Jarrell

“Education is the best investment that I have ever made in myself.”

Tosha R. Varney

“There are friends all around you, and you can become anything, as long as you’re willing to seize the moment.”

Angelica Briseida Clark

“GTCC has opened my eyes to a new and exciting world.”

Wes Frank Norman

“The Entertainment Technology program is what attracted me to GTCC.”

Aaron Durand

“GTCC has helped me make connections with a wider variety of people and explore several different career paths.”

Stacey Parrish

“GTCC has impacted my life in that it has allowed me the opportunity to become the person I have wanted to be.”

NaShayla McGhee

“Becoming a student ambassador for GTCC will help me to develop necessary life skills such as networking, organizing, setting goals, and having a good work ethic.”
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