Foundation Board Of Directors


Chair- Kevin Baker

Vice-Chair – George Ragsdale

Past Chair — Kip Blakely

Secretary – Dr. Randy Parker

Treasurer – Nancy Sollosi


Robert J. Allison

Dr. Tammy Artis

Kevin Baker

Kip Blakely

Harry Boody

Ernie Bovio

James (Jim) H Bryant III

Dr. Donald Cameron

Mickey Foster

Michael (Mike) H. Godwin

Steve Johnston

Judy Miller

Phillip Morgan

David Norbury

Dr. Randy Parker

George Ragsdale

Mr. Rick Ramsey

Marcia Sears Regan

Karl Robinson

Scott Roe

Steve Showfety

Brantley White

Directors Emeritus

Dr. Lundee Williams Amos

James F. (Jim) Morgan

Sylvia Samet

Jeanne Tannenbaum

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Beth Pitonzo,  Senior Vice President of Instruction

Nancy Sollosi,  Vice President of Business & Finance

Nancy Calkins, Executive Director, GTCC Foundation

Dr. Kiani Gardner, President, Faculty Association

Jodi Newkirk, President, Staff Association

©2016 GTCC | GUILFORD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION |The Guilford Technical Community College Foundation (GTCCF) was established in 1966 to generate private financial support to advance the mission of Guilford Technical Community College. GTCCF is confirmed by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). GTCCF’s federal tax ID number is 56-6085391.